2017 Ride the Rockies

Training Journal

What will this year bring???

We took 2016 off and did only a couple of organized rides, mostly due to finances and family obligations conflicting
with most of our favorite rides, but also to spend a year riding where we want when we want without the pressure of training
for specific rides. Although I didn't get in as many miles as I wanted or planned, it was a pretty awesome year.

This year, finances are playing another heavy role, but so are our work schedules. Lizard works most weekends now.
We're excited to have been drawn for Ride the Rockies, and we're signed up for the Colorado MS-150, but we likely won't
get many chances to train together. For the first time in our marriage, we'll each be training on our own most rides.

Here's to hoping 2017 will provide glorious cycling experiences for both of us, together and apart!

January 2017
8 January 15 miles Snowy, freezing Waterton Canyon. I didn't have the right gloves and couldn't make it to the top because my fingers got too cold.
31 January 20 miles Snowy, bitter cold Waterton, this time dressed for the weather.

February 2017
11 February 22 miles Waterton Canyon; good ride, even though I miss riding with my soul mate.

March 2017
3 March DRAWN!!! We've been drawn for Ride the Rockies!!! Let the training begin!!!
4 March 18 miles Deer Creek Canyon; first ascent for me since 12 March 2016!!!
5 March 18 miles Waterton Canyon; stiff, chilly headwind, but beautiful day, fun ride!
11 March 32 miles Waterton/Chatfield Loop; cold but beautiful windless ride!
17 March 14 Miles Waterton Canyon after a full day of work; not much daylight remaining, first shorts and short-sleeved ride of the year, wind-free.
18 March 22 miles Deer Creek Canyon; hot, light wind constantly changing direction, my goal was 10 miles up, made it 10.5, threw in a "Chandler surprise" at the end and rode UP, UP, UP to Deer Creek Park parking lot just for the extra climbing practice.
20 March 33 Epic Miles Took the day off to ride with Lizard on his day off; Waterton/Chatfield/dirt ranch roads loop; excellent weather, great wildlife, properly fueled and hydrated, awesome to ride with my true love again. Fantastic day and ride!
25 March 30 miles Waterton/Chatfield loop, warm but chilled by wind, had to cut planned 40 miles short due to mouse elbow
26 March 15 miles Waterton Canyon; darkness, elbow pain held me at a lower mileage

April 2017
7 April 14 miles Waterton Canyon after work to find out if the elbow can handle a bigger ride tomorrow...
8 April 40 miles Waterton/Chatfield loop I intended to take back on March 25 but had to back out of due to elbow pain; halfway to a typical Ride the Rockies day!
14 April 16 miles Waterton Canyon, short ride after work, GORGEOUS weather
15 April 10 miles Waterton Canyon; had to bail early again due to elbow pain
April 18 doctor Not good when you call for an appointment and they get you in right away...
April 19 x-ray and MRI I thought it was mouse elbow. Apparently it's not.
April 20 bloodwork Don't you just hate when you go in for a sore elbow, and they decide something's wrong with your heart?!? And your thyroid???
April 21 x-ray Two bad neck discs; Ride the Rockies is in jeopardy. Good thing I didn't sign up for Elephant Rock...

May 2017
May 9 biopsy This could be my shortest cycling season ever. :(
May 15 biopsy results B9!!!!!!!!!
May 22 Spine Clinic Permission to ride, but with a rather frightening caviat...
May 23 IDEA!!! I can ride the stationary bikes in the hotels each night of Ride the Rockies! That's not so bad!
May 30? Arm Nerve Tests??? Will we finally get down to the culprit for the original reason I went in???

June 2017
date miles comment
June 3 13 miles Waterton Canyon
June 30 16 Miles Waterton Canyon

July 2017
date miles comment
July 1 19 miles Waterton Canyon
July 4 16 miles Waterton Canyon
July 22 17 miles Waterton Canyon
July 28 15.5 miles First time back on the road bike since April, had both bikes professionally fit by PT, halfway commute north, felt pretty darned good!

August 2017
date miles comment
1 August 14 miles halfway commute north
3 August 30 miles 15 miles halfway commute north, 15 miles commute south 10 hours later, including the dam at Chatfield. I am pretty darned excited!!!
9 August 32 miles halfway commute north, halfway commute south, extra climb of the dam at Chatfield, one minute slower than 3 Aug with 2 extra miles!!!

September 2017
date miles comment

October 2017
date miles comment

November 2017
date miles comment

December 2017
date miles comment

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