2016 Ride the Rockies

Training Journal

I am so anxious to see this year's route in February!

January 2016
date miles comment
1 January 13.7 Trainer miles don't count in my annual cycling miles, but they sure are great when snow is deep and ice is slick!
9 January 1 Cross-country skiing; Grand Mesa
10 January 5 Cross-country skiing; Grand Mesa; excellent cross-training; awesome weather & snow
16 January 5 Cross-country skiing; Mill Creek
18 January 19 Mountain biking; Waterton Canyon; muddy & cold
23 January 22 Road biking; Chatfield & nearby dirt roads; awesome climbs; GREAT training
30 January 54 Road biking; Golden via C-470; hills & wind; feels like a day of RtR! Most miles since 28 Jun 2015!!!

February 2016
date miles comment
13 February 5.5 miles Cross-country skiing; Grand Mesa
14 February none Due to finances, we decided not to do RtR this year. We love the route, but with the wedding and the Deception Pass ride, just can't squeeze in one more trip.
20 February 32 miles Road bikes; Chatfield
28 February none Today was the last day to register for RtR. We changed our minds nearly every day; it's SO hard to walk away from this year's ride!

March 2016
date miles comment
1 March 8 miles Mountain bikes; Bar M outside of Moab; nothing like a little bit of Moab to heal the soul...
12 March 35.5 miles Chatfield

April 2016
date miles comment
3 April 21 miles Waterton; open only on Sundays until next month; SO good to be back out there!
7 April 3 miles Columbine Valley, first time ever, nice climbs, awesome scenery!!!
9 April 27 miles Columbine Valley, but this time we rode to our ride. EXCELLENT training! Perfect day!
23 April 32 miles Pink trees... an annual tradition. Overcast but pleasant, gorgeous trees, intoxicating aroma, great photos!
24 April 21 miles Waterton Canyon, first time on refitted retired Silver Steed, with full suspension. Oooh, la la!

May 2016
date miles comment
14 May 10 Miles Good Water Rim Trail in San Rafael Swell is SWELL!!! Didn't due the entire out and back due to pending weather, but we will go back!
15 May 5 miles New Goblin Valley Mountain Biking Trail; not a year old yet; a tad too difficult for me. Wrecked. I'm a walking bruise. Trail not packed down yet, loose with tight turns and steep climbs and descents. GORGEOUS scenery!
18 May 11 miles Waterton Canyon... YAY!!! Open again!!!
19 May 12 miles Waterton Canyon
21 May 15 miles Waterton Canyon
22 May 13 miles Waterton Canyon
25 May 16.5 miles Waterton Canyon; wrecked at the top. Really hamburger knee. Not used to the power of disc breaks yet.
30 May 13 miles Waterton Canyon

June 2016
date miles comment
2 June 13 miles Waterton Canyon
3 June 16 miles Waterton Canyon
4 June 20 miles Waterton Canyon
5 June 24 miles Waterton Canyon
11 June 14 miles Waterton Canyon
12 June 14 miles Waterton Canyon
14 June 13 miles Waterton Canyon
15 June 17 miles Waterton Canyon
16 June 17 miles Waterton Canyon
18 June 16 miles Starlight Spectacular
23 June 18 miles Waterton Canyon
25 June 52 hot miles Day 1, MS-150; rode from my volunteer station in Westminster to Lizard's in Loveland

July 2016
date miles comment
2 July 18 miles Waterton
3 July 19 miles Waterton
8 July 18 miles Waterton
9 July 19 miles Waterton
11 July 18 miles Waterton
14 July 13 miles Waterton
15 July 13 miles Waterton
24 July 16 miles Vail Pass; first high altitude in a year, and not a bad climb
26 July 15 miles Maroon Creek Road; second high altitude climb of year, surprisingly good, but had to beat weather
30 July 15 miles Silver Jack; significantly more difficult than Vail and Maroon due to dust and biting flies, but really good climbs

August 2016
date miles comment
6 August 22 miles Waterton
8 August 13 miles Waterton
10 August 13.5 miles Waterton
11 August 16 miles Waterton
13 August 5.5 miles total 2 miles, Yankee Boy Basin, too steep, too dusty and too many biting flies for me;
3 miles, Segment 25 Colorado Trail at 10,000 feet; wish we had done the whole day here!
15 August 13 miles Waterton
18 August 18 miles Waterton
20 August 30 miles Waterton/Chatfield loop
21 August 5.5 miles super tough climb above Twin Lakes on Mount Elbert Trail
26 August 17 miles Waterton
27 August 34 miles Chatfield/Waterton loop (yes, we reversed the order of our August 20 ride)

September 2016
date miles comment
2 September 18 miles Waterton
3 September 14 miles Waterton
4 September 18 miles Waterton
10 September 66 miles Deception Pass MS-150
11 September 22 miles Deception Pass MS-150 (half our team needed to catch a noon ferry, so we rode short that day)
18 September 14 miles Waterton

October 2016
2 October 13 miles Boreas Pass
3 October 39 flights First time I've done stairs in ages!

November 2016
26 November 12 miles Waterton

December 2016
24 December 15 miles Waterton

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