2012 Ride the Rockies

Training Journal

We are training for my fourth and The Lizard's third Ride the Rockies!
Just what does it take to pedal 442 miles and gain 24,937 vertical feet in 6 days? We're about to find out.

January 2012
date miles comment
Jan 2 60 miles South Platte/Bear Creek Loop, frigid road bike (rb) ride, but 11th notch in 60-mile-day each month streak
Jan 21 45 miles Dinosaur Ridge Loop, good short climb; 100-plus miles in January is not bad

February 2012
date miles comment
Feb 18 63 rb miles YES! A year of 60-milers!!!

March 2012
date miles comment
Mar 4 19 mb miles Fourth day Waterton Canyon is open again after a year of closure!
Mar 10 37 rb miles Deer Creek Canyon; first significant climb of year; non-stop (!!!)
Mar 11 19 mb miles Waterton Canyon; never tire of this ride
Mar 12 60 rb miles 13 months straight with 60-mile day; keeping streak alive!!!
Mar 17 37 rb miles Deer Creek Canyon; 3.3 mph on the two steep sections where I could manage only 2.9 last week (!!!)
mar 23 2 mb miles broke wrist, broke camera, no bike for two weeks

April 2012
date miles comment
Apr 14 .1 rb miles can't squeeze brakes, can't put weight on right arm
Apr 21 15 miles hiking with brace, mild bouldering, some weight on arm sometimes
Apr 22 .6 rb miles still can't put all weight on arm, but can operate brakes
Apr 26 60 rb miles 30 miles at a time, riding to and from work... YES!!!

May 2012
date miles comment
May 2 62 rb miles first time riding together since March 11!!!
May 5 30 mb miles Waterton Canyon x 2
May 10 18 rb miles Independence Pass (Woohoo!)
May 14 28 rb miles Deer Creek Canyon, halfway slow but non-stop ascent (!!!)
May 18 45 rb miles National Bike to Work Day (Colorado's is next month)
May 20 21 rb miles Vail Pass, halfway
May 21 60 rb miles 30-mile commute, work, donate blood, work, 30-mile commute
May 23 30 rb miles First bike ride since wreck with no wrist pain while braking, changing gears and tight turns
May 25 63 rb miles Felt so good on the way home, did extra miles, but not without wrist pain
May 26 23 mb miles Waterton Canyon, tortuous headwind, got home after dark
May 27 20 mb miles Waterton Canyon, less headwind, more daylight
May 28 43 rb miles Deer Creek Canyon, all the way to the top, 4,000 feet elevation gain, tons of wrist/elbow pain braking on descent
May 29 30 rb miles 473 miles for the month; not too bad, considering the wrist

June 2012
date miles comment
Jun 2 28 rb miles tapering; halfway up Deer Creek Canyon... NON-STOP!!!
Jun 3 62 miles Elephant Rock
June 4 45 miles 15 miles in very high winds
June 8 60 miles Rode to and from my mammogram!
June 10 71 miles Gunnison to Hotchkiss
June 11 82 miles Hotchkiss to Carbondale
June 12 88 miles Carbondale to Leadville, King of the Mountains Day
June 13 42 miles Leadville to Grandby, sagged rough dirt sections to protect my wrist
June 14 64 miles Grandby to Estes Park, AND Trail Ridge Road!!!
June 15 47 miles Estes Park to Fort Collins, route modified due to wildfires
June 17 something's wrong worked in the garden all day yesterday, can't move today
June 24 20 miles Waterton Canyon
June 27 30 miles Ride to Work Day; something is very wrong

July 2012
date miles comment
July 22 1 mile I don't know what's wrong, but this is bad.
July 29 11 miles Waterton Canyon; incredible pain

August 2012
date miles comment
August 4 10 miles Gothic; better than last ride
August 11 15 miles Waterton Canyon
August 12 20 miles Waterton Canyon
August 18 21 miles Chatfield Loop, followed by 4-hour nap
August 22 2.4 miles Independence Pass; USA Pro Cycling Challenge
August 25 19 miles Waterton Canyon
August 29 21.2 miles Waterton Canyon; non-stop to top of steeps!

September 2012
date miles comment
September 8 19 miles Waterton Canyon
September 11 57 flights of stairs first time in forever
September 15 19 miles Waterton Canyon
September 16 20 miles Waterton Canyon, to start of CT
September 18 55 flights of stairs less painful than last week, but still bad
September 23 33 miles Colorado National Monument
September 28 25 miles around Durango
September 29 40 miles Fall Blaze

October 2012
date miles comment
October 14 20 miles Waterton Canyon
October 16 31 miles I rode to work. I did it.
October 21 20 miles Waterton Canyon

November 2012
date miles comment
November 3 20 miles Waterton Canyon
November 4 20 miles Waterton Canyon
November 23 8 miles Mary's Loop & Wrangler
November 24 14 miles Mary's Loop, Wrangler & Rustler

December 2012
date miles comment
December 21 PT I believe this is going to help. I already feel a difference.
December 24 PT & Ultra Sound I like Ultra Sound.
December 30 11 miles 1 hour on trainer, first time on trainer since before March bike wreck.
December 31 PT I have to pay out of pocket beginning Wednesday.

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