2005 Ride the Rockies

training journal

Drawn again in 2010!!!

3 November 2004
first appointment with neurosurgeon

5 November 2004
back surgery

31 December 20048-week mark!
Neurosurgeon said 8-10 weeks, so I imagined I'd be doing 40 miles a day again by today. I wish healing could happen that quickly.
I did five minutes on the stationary bike two days ago, and ten minutes yesterday. Today, 25 minutes for 5.9 miles.

30 January 2005
12 miles on mountain bike ("MTB"), first time on a real bike since surgery. Thought Waterton Canyon would be easy because I was up to 9 miles on the stationary bike. Bumps still hurt. Tremendously. Ready to quit after 9 miles, but still had 3 miles to get back to car. Did ride to end instead of walking bike, but it was NOT fun. What a letdown.

4 February
11 miles on MTB, too lazy to put air in road bike tires, South Platte

5 February
snowshoe 4 miles up to about 12,000 on Bierstadt; had to carry Camelback on my front; going downhill still bites

6 February
2005 Ride the Rockies Route announced - GJ to Breck - and I LOVE IT!!!

12 February
25 miles on road bike ("RB"), Chatfield
not comfortable, but survived

13 February
12 miles on MTB, Waterton Canyon

15 February
12.7 miles on RB, South Platte, first time relatively pain-free since surgery

18 February
8 miles on RB, South Platte, darned cold
ALSO: mailed in 2005 RtR registration

20 February
4 miles Kokopelli Trail -- no, NOT on a bike

22 February
14 miles on RB, South Platte, OTBSC
No, I'm not going to define that. If you don't know what it means, you don't need to know.

25 February
15 miles on RB, South Platte

26 February
epic day -beyond stiff but very satisfied
30 miles on RB, South Platte/Chatfield
12.2-mile hike up Waterton Canyon, no bighorn, darn it

27 February
13.5 miles on MTB, Waterton Canyon, up close and personal with bighorn
made it to CT without stopping (wanted to go further, but mud and snow still hamper back and knee)

3 March
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte
The one day I leave camera at home, sunrise spectacular!

4 March
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte
Jitterbugging skunk guarding southern roadblock/detour - tail bushy and erect - I have NO choice but to get off my bike...

5 March
4-mile hike up 13,117-foot "Cupid" from Loveland Pass

6 March
14 miles on MTB, Waterton Canyon and first section of CT, without stopping
(then made raspberry snowcone wannabes with unpredictable nosebleed)

7 March
aerobic kickboxing

8 March

9 March
A business associate in Atlanta received RtR confirmation. He's in. How come someone in Georgia gets theirs before someone in Colorado?!?!?

10 March
13.6 miles on RB, South Platte, first time clipping in since August

11 March
14 miles on RB, South Platte and Chatfield (ascent of dam road)

13 March
hike about 5 miles, Waterton Canyon, in snow

14 March
No official word yet, but RtR check has cleared. We're in!!!

17 March
first massage to break up scar tissue

18 March
It's official! Received packet today!
Not so sure I like this year's logo, but I'll enjoy the ride!!!

14 April
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte, 3 30-second sprints
Oh, it feels SO good to be back on my bike!!!

15 March
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte, 3 30-second sprints
Okay, next time I get told to take a one-month break, I'll stay off the trails, but I'm going to make time to sit in the saddle half an hour or more at least twice a week or so if at all humanly possibly. The sit bone is not too happy right now.

16 April
25.2 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

17 April
4-mile hike, Castlewood Canyon

18 April
15.2 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield
30-minute beaver break

23 April
41.2 miles (whew!) on RB, South Platte to Bear Creek to Fossil Ridge to Red Rocks to C-470 to Deer Creek to Chatfield to South Platte
two tulip breaks and two oxygen breaks; slow but steady on climbs; back tired at 36.3 miles; knee gave up 20 miles earlier :)

30 April
45.2 miles (double whew!) on RB, 2,000 feet elevation gain Colorado National Monument, first leg of RtR
I'm beginning to believe I can do this!
grueling headwind; multiple breaks; still slow but steady on climbs; entry station to first tunnel non-stop; back strain less than two miles from top of Monument; knee fared much better this ride; neck pain first time ever; exhausted at 38 miles; pondering replacement of slender, vented racing-style saddle

5 May
Six-Month Anniversary of Back Surgery

7 May
5-mile hike, No Thoroughfare Canyon

8 May
45.8 miles on RB, 2,000 feet elevation gain, Colorado National Monument (CNM)
new saddle, multiple minor bike adjustments along the way, better climbing, entry station four miles to top of main climb non-stop, neck pain again

11 May
1-mile run along South Platte
Okay, so "run" isn't quite the right word, but I don't know the term for slow-motion jogging.

14 May
4-mile hike, Gates of Lodore

15 May
24 miles on RB, headed toward CNM but opted for a river ride instead due to back strain

16 May
4-mile hike on Bear Creek trail near Silverton, most strenuous hike since surgery

17 May
24.8 miles on RB, CNM, non-stop 12.8 miles to top of climb, but then tipped over in celebration after getting stuck in pedals, purple shiners!!!

20 May
Today's the deadline for requesting an RtR refund.
Two years ago, I over-trained.
This year, I have seriously under-trained.
I wish I had another month, but I think I'm going to go for it.

21 May
64.7 miles!!!!! RB, Buena Vista Bike Fest
32.2 miles sustained climb in headwind, 32.5 miles of descent in headwind; the ultimate in cruelty
daughter did 14.5 miles, the last couple at 2.4 mph (and you thought I was slow!); son did 43 miles; I managed 14 miles up Independence Pass
I'm exhausted and sore, but I'm pleased and satisfied.
Oh, almost forgot... carried Camelbak the entire route. On my back!
My daughter said it's the best birthday she's ever had.

22 May
23.5 miles on RB, Chatfield

23 May
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte

24 May
14.5 miles on RB, South Platte

26 May
13.6 miles on RB, South Platte
finally developed saddle callous

27 May
14.7 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

28 May
5 mile hike, Middle Cimmaron Fork

29 May
5 mile hike, Molas Lake/Colorado Trail

1 June
13.6 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield
I can carry the bike up three flights of stairs on my shoulder again!

2 June
16.5 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

3 June
17.6 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

4 June
26 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield
had planned to go up Mount Evans, but it's snowing there

5 June
seven-month mark
66.1 miles on RB, Elephant Rock

6 June
23.2 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

7 June
10.5 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

10 June
9.6 miles on RB, South Platte Greenway, mud bath
One week to go, and I think I'm ready. I still wish I had another month, and yet, I wish it was over so the pressure would be gone.
Sometimes I wish I hadn't registered this year, but deep down inside, I'm glad I challenged myself. Without next week's deadline, I definitely would not have pushed myself.
I wonder if I will ever be back to the condition I was in a couple of months before surgery. One of my closest friends says maybe I'll always fly with a dip in my wings. Perhaps. If this is as good as it gets, I promise to be thankful I can still fly.

11 June
7.5 miles on RB, Mount Evans
not plowed beyond Summit Lake, and can't ride down; too deadly bumpy for rims AND back
good ride, good rhythm, altitude didn't wipe me out

13 June
13.7 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

14 June
9 miles on RB, South Platte

16 June
25.4 miles on RB, South Platte to Chatfield

19 June, Day 1
45.4 miles, Colorado National Monument

20 June, Day 2
66.5 miles, Grand Mesa

21 June, Day 3
46.5 miles, Delta to Montrose

22 June, Day 4
18.5 miles, Montrose to Cerro Summit and most of The Oil Pit

23 June, Day 5
66 miles, Gunnison to Salida, Monarch Pass

24 June, Day 6
61.3 miles, Salida to Leadville

25 June, Day 7
41 miles, Leadville to Breckenridge, Fremont Pass

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