2003 Ride the Rockies

training journal

crazy attempt to do this again in 2005

February 10
mail Ride the Rockies registration and check

March 3
20 minutes stationary bike

March 4
30 minutes stationary bike

March 5
35 minutes stationary bike

March 6
45 minutes stationary bike

March 7
run 4.5 miles

March 8
snowshoe 5 miles

March 10
bike 31 miles to work and back

March 13
run 4.5 miles

March 14
bike 31 miles to work ...
I GOT DRAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got drawn! I got drawn! I got drawn! I got drawn!
What a great ride home today was!!!

March 16
bike 24 miles from Boulder to Lyons and back

March 17
35 minutes stationary bike

March 18
shovel 9 inches

March 19
shovel 22 inches

March 20
shovel 15 inches
45 minutes stationary bike

March 23
bike 35 miles from La Luz to Mescalero and back

March 25
bike 17 miles from La Luz to Tularosa and back

March 27
45 minutes stationary bike
received training T-shirt; felt like being drawn all over again!!!

March 28
run 4.5 miles
46 minutes stationary bike

March 29
bike 10 miles on Weston Pass road, elevation 9,400
dirt, uphill, headwind, snow, good training!
hike 5 miles GSDNP

March 30
bike 52 miles on South Platte

March 31
bike 31 miles to work and back

April 2
bike 41.7 miles to work and back, plus some

April 4
bike 31 miles to work and back

April 5
bike 60 miles on South Platte

April 9
bike 45.3 miles to work and back and Clear Creek

April 10
bike 34.1 miles to work and back, plus some

April 12
bike 29.5 miles Highway 7/Brighton Road loop
bike goes in the shop; gears popping

April 13
bike 25.5 miles Big Dry Creek/Highline Canal loop

April 14
bike 50.5 miles to work and back, plus:
Commerce City loop, Clear Creek/Highline Canal/Greenway via Lowell
Yikes!!! I forgot about Belleview Hill!!! Wowsa!!!
(home at 9 p.m.!!!)

April 16
bike 10.2 miles just in the neighborhood

April 17
paint Corinna's living room

April 18
bike 31 miles to work and back
Riding... in the... Rain! (think Whitesnake)

April 19
bike 48.7 miles to Waterton Canyon trailhead (almost)
(okay, original lyrics to the Whitesnake jingle apply now)

April 21
bike 31 miles to work and back in sprinkles,
20-minute break under bridge during full-blown cloudburst

April 22
run 2 miles

April 23
bike 26.7 miles to work plus some
bus home due to lightning and deluge :(

April 25
bike 75.4 miles to Arches and to Castle Valley

April 26
bike 18 miles to Gemini Bridges
hike/rock climb in Arches

April 27
bike 15 miles to Maroon Lake

April 28
bike 15.4 miles from Highway 6/I-70 junction to Fall River Road
route-finding was a challenge
ran out of daylight, but awesome ride, non-stop on climbs!!!

April 29
run 4.5, the lilacs are intoxicating!

May 1
run 4.5, effortless

May 2
bike 14 miles Mt. Evans road
(didn't get off work until six)
uphill non-stop!!!

May 3
bike 45.3 miles from Boulder to Pinewood Springs and back
very nice climb, super fast descent

May 4
bike 14 miles Waterton Canyon

May 5
bike 53.6 miles, South Platte/Clear Creek/Ralston Creek
followed home by a rainbow!

May 6
bike 43 miles, South Platte

May 7
attend MS 150 meeting (official Ganglia Gang member now!)
study training ride schedule; adapt!

May 8
run 4.5 miles
attend RTR clinic; stand through entire two hours
(counts for SOMETHING, right?)

May 9
bike 53.5 miles (27.5 in the rain; what a difference proper clothing makes!), South Platte/Clear Creek

May 10
shovel fourish inches
(Okay, so I didn't HAVE to shovel; by golly, I wasn't going to let that free moisture go to waste!)
bike 7 miles to Target for new bike light batteries
(headlight & tail light burned out during rainy trip home yesterday)

May 11
bike 31 miles from Idaho Springs to Echo Lake and Juniper Pass and back

May 12
bike 34 miles, South Platte obstacle course (broken trees galore)
take bike in to get worn-out trip computer fixed

May 14
bike 71.8 miles, South Platte
to Ruby Hill a.m., to Carson Nature Center p.m.
bugs in my hair, in my ears, in my clothes, in my socks and in my stomach!
(a little extra protein supplement...)
Now, will I be able to run in the morning???

May 15
no :(

May 16 National Bike to Work Day
bike 31 miles to work and back via South Platte, then off to Buena Vista

May 17
bike 81 miles from Buena Vista up Independence Pass (non-stop) to Leadville and back

May 18
bike 24.5 miles from Morrison up Lookout Mountain (non-stop!) and back
bike goes in the shop for final tune before RTR

May 19
passed knee checkup!!!

May 20
run 4.5 miles

May 21
bike 1.5 miles in the dark to check out new crank

May 22
bike 35.3 to work and back on South Platte

May 23
my knees are dead, but...
getting closer to 100 miles!
bike 90 miles
* 30 miles a.m. from Colorado Blvd. to Colorado Blvd. on South Platte/Cherry Creek
* 58 miles p.m. on South Platte to Chatfield to Kipling on C-470 West and back
then spin a couple revolutions around the soccer fields at Thornton Rec
while being serenaded by a lone bagpiper against a pink and purple sunset -- very cool!

May 25
bike 16 miles Fall River Road (RMNP)
mountain biking at its finest

May 26
bike 25 miles Trail Ridge Road (RMNP)

May 27
bike 17 miles to work, South Platte

May 29
run 3 miles (I think)

May 31
bike 15.5 miles around the neighborhood

June 1
Elephant Rock
bike 66.7 rolling miles with 8,000 other people

June 3
bike 34.1 miles to work and back, South Platte

June 6
bike 34.1 miles to work and back, South Platte
felt SOOOOO good to be back on the bike!!!
those 50-60 mph headwind gusts make the miles feel like double, though :)

June 7
pack and lift 5,000 boxes, 300 trips up and down the stairs
(yes, I exaggerated, but it's gotta count for something)

June 8
One More Week!!!
pack & lift some more, move furniture, paint house
I'd rather ride my bike!

June 9
bike 34.1 miles to work and back, South Platte
average 18 mph on the way home trying to beat storm -- my best time yet!
move more furniture -- ugh

June 11
my final training ride...
35.6 miles to work and back via South Platte
I'm ready!

the real thing!
I Rode the Rockies!

miscellaneous photos

29 June 2003

I ran 4.5 miles this morning, the first time I've run since May 29. Whenever I've been forced to take three-week breaks in the past, I have barely been able to make two miles when I take it up again. And The Hill typically kills me the first couple of attempts. But I ran my 4.5 miles, effortlessly. I have therefor concluded that distance biking on knobby tires while carrying way too much camera equipment is extremly beneficial to any kind of endurance training.

I rode to work Tuesday and Wednesday (Bike to Work Day), and found myself missing the banana and orange stops! Yes, I miss the daily bananas!

It felt odd this weekend not having to get in 70 or 80 miles a day, even though I'm not done yet. MS-150, with a grueling climb at the end of the first 75 miles, is just two weeks away. Big question of the day: Will I put on slicks prior to the ride? Answer: I'm thinking about it.

I'm anxiously looking forward to completing my goal of climbing ten 14ers this summer (no, NOT on a bike!!!), but there is a part of me that can't let go of that Ride the Rockies adrenaline rush. After I went to bed on Monday, two nights after returning home, it finally hit me that it's over. All those months of training, and now it's done. Just a memory. History.

If you had asked me on Thursday, after the 108 miles, if I would do it again, I might have said it depends upon whether the route includes another century. If you had asked me on Sunday after the Ride, I might have said maybe. Co-workers asked that very question on Friday after I presented a slide show of my exquisite Ride, and my answer was a resounding ABSOLUTELY!

Here's to 2004 RTR!

post epilogue
5 July 2003

After today's final MS-150 training ride, I shed my fat tires. Yes, I now have two sets of tires, two sets of Tuffy Liners, two sets of slimy tubes and two different sizes of spares! Encouraged by three MS-150 teammates who changed out their Moab-inspired knobbys in favor of mountain climbing speed and ease, I spent two hours at Wheat Ridge Cyclery getting my own dirty deed done. And get this -- I found a sweet road bike with my name written all over it while I waited. Once my house sells...

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