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Snowcatcher Accessories Pattern Directory

Welcome to my amigurumi, hat, scarf, cowl, gloves, afghan and sock patterns!
You may do whatever you'd like with items you make from these patterns,
but you may not under any circumstance sell or republish the patterns.
These patterns are copyright protected.
Thanks, and enjoy!




Summer of Color

Storm Peak Snowflake
Afghan/Scarf Square

Wiggle Flower Afghan

Winter Dreams Afghan

Versatile Snowflake Motif

Baskets and Containers

Boreas Pass Dish

Flower Girl Basket

Mount Antero Snowflake
Jewel Box

Pink Friday Basket

Star Dish Candy Dish

Sunlight Peak Snowflake Basket

More to Come


Garden Snowflake Bookmark


Cowlin' Around

Ice Wash Motif Cowl

Summer of Color

Yes, more are coming!

Fingerless Gloves

Spring Stripes


Chasm Lake Slouchy Hat

Christmas Miracle Child's Hat

Curly Q Hat

Fall Blaze Hat

Fjord Beanie

Lollipop Snowflake Hat

Snowflake Shimmer Beanie

Super Slouchy
Slopestyle Hat


Rainbow Hug Mandala


2D Ornaments

Caribou Floatie

Christmas Bellflake

Lanterne Rouge

Snowcatcher Snowball

St. Elmo Snowflake Pomander


Cimarron Rug

Ice Mountain Rug

Yes, more are coming!

Yes, more are coming!


Blizzard for Your Neck

Many Thunders Scarf

Marathon Scarf
Project DK Charts

Mary Contrary Scarf

Mount Lady
Washington Scarf

Rainbows of Hope Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Storm Peak
Snowflake Scarf


Dahlia Snowflake Shawl

Longs Peak I
Snowflake Motif Shawl

Yes, more are coming!

Yes, more are coming!


The Snowcatcher Snowflake Directory


Susie Socks

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© 2005 Deborah and Brett Atkinson

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