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Snowcatcher Crocheted Snowflake Pattern Directory

Welcome to my crocheted snowflake patterns!

You may do whatever you'd like with snowflakes you make from these patterns,
but you may not under any circumstance sell the patterns.
These patterns are copyright protected.

Sharing links is appreciated, but do not republish.

Thanks, and enjoy!

NOTE: Snowflake patterns that appear to be missing
are included in the annual fundraiser booklets
and will not ever be published on Snowcatcher blog.
Information about the booklets is included
in each linked blog post for patterns that appear to be missing. Snowflake

12.12.12 Snowflake

3D Crystal Snowflake for Mom

A New Day Snowflake

A Snowflake for Bunny

A Snowflake for Jaden

A Snowflake for Janie

A Snowflake for Lisa

A Snowflake for Marikamum

A Snowflake for Shonna

A Snowflake for Susan

A Snowflake of its Own

Absaroka Snowflake

Accidental Heartflake

Acquisition Snowflake

African Spiral Snowflake

Afterthought Snowflake Coaster

Alkanet Snowflake

Amaryllis Snowflake

Amer I Can Snowflake

Amer I Can Snowflake II

Amethyst Snowflake

Amore Snowframe

Anticipation Snowflake

Aspen Snowflake

Autumn Snowflake

Autumn II Snowflake

Autumn III Snowflake

Autumn's Last Stand Snowflake

Avocado Frost Snowflake

Baby Blue Eyes Snowflake

Baby Snowflakes

Baker's Dozen Snowflake

Bamboo Snowflake

Barrel Snowflake

Basalt Snowflake

Be Still My Heart Snowflake

Beaded Snowflake


Bella Snowflake Frame

Berry-stained Snowflake

Bicentennial Snowflake

Bicycle Spokes Snowflake

Bicycle Brain Snowflake

Bicycle Wheel Snowflake

Big Top Snowflake

Big Wet Heavy Snowflake

Bigger Wetter Heavier Snowflake

Bilingual Snowflake

Blissful Snowflake

Blizzard for Your Neck

Blizzardine Peak Snowflake

Blizzaster Snowflake

Blue Flax Snowflake

Blue Lakes Snowflake

Blue River Snowflake

Booted Snowflake

Boreas Pass Snowflake

Buried Treasure Snowflake

Candid Snowflake

Candy Corn Snowflake

Cap & Mortarboard Snowflake

Cast Off Snowflake

Castaway Snowflake

Century Snowflake

Century II Snowflake

Century Starflake

Chamomile Snowflake

Changeling Snowflake

Challenger Point Snowflake

Charmed Snowflake

Chasm Lake Slouchy Hat

Cheyenne Dusk Snowflake

Cinnamon Pass
Snowflake Purse

Cirriform Snowflake

Chocolate Caramel Snowflake

Christmas Bell Snowflake

Christmas Memories Snowflake

Christmas Stocking Snowflake

Christmas in Paris Snowflake

Clematis Snowflake

Cluster Petal Snowflake

Cold Heart Snowflake

Cold Shivers Snowflake

Cold Storage I Snowflake

Cold Storage II Snowflake

Columbia Point Snowflake

Columbine Mine Snowflake

Conundrum Peak Snowflake

Copper Mountain Snowflake

Coxcomb Peak Snowflake

Crazy Spiral Snowflake

Crocodile Snowflake

Crystal Peak Snowflake

Cupid Snowflake

Cypher Snowflake

D-Stitch Snowflake

Daffodil Snowflake

Dahlia Snowflake


Dallas Snowflake

Day Off Snowflake

Daydreamer Snowflake Hot Pad

DeCaLiBro Snowflake

December's Coming Snowflake

Delphinium Snowflake

Denim Frost Snowflake

Dimensional Snowflake

Distraction Snowflake

Dolores Peak Snowflake

Douglas Snowflake

Dream Weaver Snowflake

Dunsinane Snowflake

Durango Dreams Snowflake

Dusty Snowflake

Echo Snowflake Frame

El Capitan Snowflake

El Diente Snowflake

El Punto Snowflake

El Punto Snowflake Coaster

Early Bird Snowflake

Ellingwood Point Snowflake

Elsa's Braids Snowflake

Emerald Peak Snowflake

Enchanted Forest Snowflake

Eris Snowflake

Eureka Snowflake

Every Mountain Snowflake

Expectation Mountain Snowflake

Extra Popcorn Snowflake

Feather Snowflake
" />
February's Coming Snowflake

Fellowship of the Magic
Crochet Ring Snowflakes

Fire and Ice Snowflake

Firecracker Snowflake

First Snowmon Snowflake

Flirtation Peak Snowflake

Flower Girl Basket

Flower Girl Snowflake

Fogbow Snowflake Frame

Fool's Peak Snowflake

Forget-Me-Not Snowflake

Fortress Snowflake

Four-Day Weekend Snowflake

Frame Full of Love Heartflake

Fraternal Snowflake

Frazil Snowflake Frame

Freshet Snowflake Frame

Full of Love Heartflake

Funky Snowflake

Garden 1 Snowflake

Garden 2 Snowflake

Garden 3 Snowflake

Garden 4 Snowflake

Garden 5 Snowflake

Garden 6 Snowflake

Garden 7 Snowflake

Garden 8 Snowflake

Garden 9 Snowflake

Garden 10 Snowflake

Garden 11 Snowflake

Garden 12 Snowflake

Garden 13 Snowflake

Garden Snowflake 14

Garden Snowflake 15

Garden Snowflake 16

Garden Snowflake 17

Garden Snowflake 18

Garden Snowflake 19

Garden Snowflake 20

Garden Snowflake 21

Garden Snowflake 22

Garden Snowflake 23

Garden Snowflake 24

Garden Snowflake 25

Garden Snowflake 26

Gemini Snowflake

Glass Snowflake

Giant Shamrock Snowflake

Golden Anniversary Snowflake

Gothic Daisy Snowflake

Grandma's Snowflake

Grapefruit Smoothie Snowflake

Grays Peak Snowflake

Halcyon Snowflake

Handies Peak Snowflake

Hardscrabble Snowflake

Heart Strings Snowflake

Heisshorn Snowflake

Heisspitz Snowflake

Hibiscus Snowflake

Hide and Seek Snowflake

High Roller Snowflake

Hollyhock Snowflake

Horseshoe Mountain Snowflake


Humboldt Peak Snowflake

Hunchback Snowflake

Huron Peak Snowflake

I Heart U Snowflake

Ice Boom Snowflake Frame

Ice Cave Snowflake

Ice Mountain Snowflake Rug

Ice Twitch Snowflake Frame

Ice Wash Snowflake Cowl

Independence Pass Snowflake

Independence Pass Starflake

Indigo Ice Snowflake

Inquisitive Snowflake

Iris Snowflake

Irish Hearts Snowflake

Island in the Sky Snowflake

Jackhammer Snowflake

Jagged Snowflake

King's Crown Snowflake

Kismet Snowflake

Kokopelli Snowflake

Lace Luge Snowflake

Lacey Flower Snowflake

Lamp Light Snowflake

Lanterne Rouge Snowflake

Last Light Snowflake

Last Minute Snowflake

Lavender Snowflake

Leap Day Snowflake

Lemon Zest Snowflake

Let Freedom Ring Snowflake

Lifesaver Snowflake

Light Rail Snowflake

Lime Twist Snowflake

Little Bear &
Blanca Peak Snowflake

Lizard Head Pass Snowflake

Lobelia Snowflake

Lollipop Snowflake

Loma Snowflake

Lone Cone Snowflake

Long Drive Snowflake

Longs Peak I Snowflake

Longs Peak II Snowflake

Longs Peak III Snowflake

Lost Amigo I Snowflake

Lost Amigo II Snowflake

Lost Amigo IV Snowflake

Lost Boy Snowflake

Lost Creek Snowflake

Love in a Mist Snowflake

Loveland Pass
Snowflake Key Chain

Many Thunders
Dish Cloth Snowflake

Many Thunders Snowflake

Many Thunders
Snowflake Motif

Marble Snowflake

Medallion I Snowflake

Medallion II Snowflake

Medallion III Snowflake

Medallion IV Snowflake

Mele al Forno
Ripiene Snowflake

Mermaid Snowflake

Middle Fork
Snowflake Placemat

Midnight Oil Snowflake

Mill Creek Snowflake

Molecule Snowflake

Moore Fun Snowflake

More Glor Snowflake

Moss Snowflake

Mother's Day Snowflake

Mount Antero
Snowflake Jewel Box

Mount Bierstadt Snowflake

Mount Champion Snowflake

Mount Eolus Snowflake

Mount Eva Snowflake

Mount Evans Snowflake

Mount Harvard Snowflake

Mount Hope Snowflake

Mount Lady Washington
Snowflake Scarf

Mount Lindsey Snowflake

Mount Mama Snowflake

Mount Meeker Snowflake

Mount Nebo Snowflake

Mount Oxford Snowflake

Mount Silex Snowflake

Mount Silverheels Snowflake

Mount Sneffels Snowflake

Mount Sopris Snowflake

Music Mountain Snowflake

Mystique Snowflake

Niko Snowflake

Nitty Gritty Snowflake

No Dice Snowflake

Noel Snowflake

Northern Lights Snowflake

November Reign Snowflake

Nor'easter Snowflake

Nuri Snowflake

Ocean Snowflake Frame

Odyssey Snowflake

Oh Be Joyful Peak Snowflake

Ojo de Dios Snowflake

Opaline Snowflake

Orange Spice Snowflake

Outside In Snowflake

Owl Creek Pass Snowflake

Parade of Lights Snowflake

Pasqueflower Snowflake

Patience Snowflake


Pearl Pass Snowflake

Peewink Snowflake

Perfect Snowflake

Petite Snowflake

Picotee Snowflake

Pikes Peak Snowflake

Pineapple Sorbet Snowflake

Pink October Snowflake

Pink Ribbon Snowflake

Pink Ribbon
Snowflake Photo Frame

Pink Snowflake

Plan Ahead Snowflake

Pleasant Park Snowflake

Pop Goes the Booklet Snowflake

Pop Goes the Button Snowflake

Popcorn Snowflake

Poudre Snowflake

Precipice Snowflake

Puget Sound Snowflake

Pun Intended Snowflake

Puppy Love Snowflake

Purple Mountain Snowflake

Purrfect Snowflake

Pyramid Peak Snowflake

Quandary Peak Snowflake

Queen's Stage Snowflake

Quo Snowflake Frame

Rabbit Ears Pass Snowflake

Rain Dance I Snowflake

Rain Dance II Snowflake

Rainbow Falls Snowflake

Ravalanche Snowflake

Ravellenic Snowflake

Recovery Snowflake

Red Mug Snowflake

Redcliff Snowflake Dish Cloth

Renewal Snowflake

Respite Snowflake

Retouched Snowflake

Revived Snowflake

Right the First Time Snowflake

Rock Hard Snowflake Rock Cozy

Roseburg Snowflake

Royalty Snowflake

Rust Spot Snowflake

Rustler Snowflake

San Luis Snowflake

San Rafael Swell Snowflake

Santa Hat Snowflake

Savanna Snowflake

Science Mission Snowflake

Scrappy I Snowflake

Sea Quell Snowflake

Second Down Snowflake

Second Red Mug Snowflake

Seek Snowflake Snowflake

Selene Snowflake Frame

Serenity Snowflake

Sewemup Mesa Snowflake

Shady Cove Snowflake

Ship's Wheel Snowflake

Should Have Known
Better Snowflake

Sister Snowflake

Silent Snowflake

Six Baseball Bats
for Dad Snowflake

Six (or 12) Golf Clubs
for Dad Snowflake

Six Points of Grace Snowflake

Six Spot Snowflake

Six Ties for Dad Snowflake

Six Zeroes Snowflake

Sixifrage Snowflake

Sixtopus Snowflake


Skyway Snowflake

Slopestyle Snowflake

Snoqualmie Snowflake

Snowdon Peak Snowflake

Snowflake Inside a Snowflake

Snowflake Intrepid

Snowflower Snowflake

Snowing Up Snowflake

Snowmass Mountain Snowflake

Snowshades Snowflake

Sochi Snowflake

Solid Ice Snowflake

Solstice Snowflake

Sophronia Snowflake

Sour Note Snowflake

Special Snowflake

Spider Webflake

Spiderwort Snowflake

Spindrift I Snowflake

Spring Break Snowflake

Spring Flower Snowflake

Spring Star Flower Snowflake

St. Elmo Snowflake Pomander

Stained Glass Snowflake

Stand Out Snowflake

Star of Bethlehem


Storm King Snowflake

Storm Peak Snowflake

Summery Snowflake


Sunflake II Snowflake

Sunflake III Snowflake

Sunlight Peak Snowflake

Sunlight Peak
Snowflake Basket

Sunlight Spire Snowflake

Super Simple Plarn Snowflake

Sylvan Snowflake

Tabasco Snowflake

Tabeguache Peak Snowflake

Teal Snowflake

Teocalli Snowflake

The Spider

Third Red Mug Snowflake

Thunder Bowl Snowflake

Ti Light Snowflake

Tiny Shamrock Snowflake

Tipsy Snowflake

Tlacringit Snowflake

Top of the Stack Snowflake

Torreys Peak Snowflake

Tower of Chains Snowflake

Transitions Snowflake

Tribute Snowflake

True 2 Your Heart Snowflake

True Love Snowflake


Turret Ridge Snowflake

Turquoise Snowflake


Twilight Peak Snowflake

Twisted Space Snowflake

Ugly Snowflake

Uncompahgre Peak Snowflake

Valentine Wave I Snowflake

Valentine Wave II Snowflake

Versatile Snowflake

Vestal Peak Snowflake

Veterans Day Starflake

Village Snowflake

Vitamin C Snowflake Frame

Water Lily Snowflake

Watercolor Snowflake Frame

Watermelon Slush Snowflake

Waterton Snowflake

Weminuche Snowflake

Wetterhorn Peak Snowflake

Whirlwind Snowflake

Wiggle Snowflake

Wilson Peak Snowflake

Wind River Snowflake

Windflower Snowflake

Windom Peak Snowflake

Wink and a Prayer Snowflake

Winter Ice Snowflake

Winter Storm Iris Snowflake

Winter Wonderland Snowflake

Winterregnum Snowflake

Wrangler Snowflake

Wrong Train Snowflake

Xenos Snowflake Frame

Yoga Snowflake

Yolo Snowflake Frame

Zandor Snowflake Frame


Zephyr Snowflake

Coming Soon!

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