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Summer 2016 WIP List

2016 Block a Day

A Touch of Pink

A Quilt for Esca

All Heart

Arctic Skies

Bat-let Vortex

Bike Me (scrap pile)

Blood Orange

Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas Leftovers

Blue Floral Nostalgia

Blue Floral, The Sequel

Blue Floral, Times Three

Charmed by Snowflakes

Collared Lizard

Colorado's Fourteeners


Cool Edge of the Rainbow

Dances With Lizards


Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas

Faded Gems

Fourteeners for Search and Rescue Dogs


Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

Golden Lining (A Quilt For Shonna)

Goodbye Hollyhock Road

Guitar Man

Hawaiian Punch or Hawaiian Compass

Heart Strings


Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold Spoonflower Panel I

Hearts of Gold Spoonflower Panel II

Hearts of Gold Spoonflower Panel III

Hexie Booboo

In The Pink

Iris of My Eye

Joel's Baby Blues

July Special Effects

Lavender Sunrise

Leaf Me Alone

Lizard Leftovers

Lizard Toes

Long Forgotten

Long Forgotten II

Moose Junction

More Pink

My Favorite Project Linus Quilt

My Second Favorite Project Linus Quilt Top

My Guy

Noah's Quilt

Pieces of Braid

Orphan Vortex

Pin Quilt I

Pin Quilt II

Pin Quilt III

Pin Quilts for Sale

Project Linus 1

Project Linus 2

Project Linus 3

Project Linus 4

Project Linus 5

Quilt of Valor

Quilted Skies Pin Quilt

Race for the Cure Quilt

Rainbow Runner

Rainbow Strip Bar

Rainbow Wannabe

Running Out





Snowbike Whole Cloth

Snowflake Heartburn

Snowflake Strip Bar


Tea Bags

Teal Shadows

Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape Garden

Ticker Tape Three

Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink, The Sequel

Turtle Sherbet

Under the Sea

Welcome to the Jungle

Winter Fourteeners

Wild Bells


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